Mitsubishi WS-65903 convergence problem

The TV is a Mitsubishi 65" wide screen HDTV Projection set. Model WS-65903. It's about 5 years old. The original problem was a blue shadow about 4 inches to the right. Seemed like a typical convergence problem as we'd done a couple of very similar models recently. Never a call back. Upon inspection of the Power Supply /Convergence board, there were the typical broken solder joints on the two STK392-040 I.C. modules which control the convergence correction. I ordered replacements put them in and put the chassis back in the set. The picture looked perfect About a week later I got a call back. Same problem with the blue. Now I don't see anything apparently wrong in the circuit, but I don't just want to replace the modules, because I'm afraid they'll fail again.

Looking for a schematic , service manual etc.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions or experience with this set I'd appreciate any help.

Regards, Larry

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Get the STK,s from Mitz as its very possible you replaced the STK,s with cheap Chinese ones.!!

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