jvc plasma pdp replacement?

Hi all.

I have two of these beasties, both JVC 42" plasmas made at about the same time.

Unfortunately, one has a burned out PDP (has big black line on the screen about 1/3 the way across and halfway down the screen) and the other has an apparently fried controller board but the PDP looks fine.

I've got as far as determining that the base boards are not mechanically compatible but they do use the same PDP, with essentially the same pinout and specifications.

I can't seem to work out how to separate the PDP and uber-fragile flexi cables with embedded LSI HV chips from the base plate with its incorrect screw locations, undid about 24 screws and no go :(

Has anyone even attempted such a mammoth task? It seems feasible (the LCD I modded is easy by comparison)

Thanks in advance.


"Bother" said Pooh, as Darth Maul 'sabred him in twain...

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And just think, folks make fun, now days, of people with CRT based sets. At least you've got a chance repairing them relative to what you're contemplating going through!

I'll believe I'll stick to my free 25" stereo (CRT) TV set that was given to me with a vertical oscillator/amplifier & a few electrolytics that needed replacing.. While it certainly won't look as impressive as a new plasma based set, it's certainly not as expensive and sure significantly less work and cheaper to repair. In addition, probably doesn't cause quite as much RFI as most plasma sets tend to do!

Cheers, Mr. Mentor

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Plasma and LCD sets only look impressive to your neighbours who haven't got one, or if you see them in shops running on a Blu Ray HD DVD player. Otherwise, compared to a good (or even mediocre) CRT set, the picture they produce, is crap ...


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Arfa Daily

Done, and fixed. The panels are held on with lots and LOTS of thermal strip, separating the panel is time consuming and nerve wracking but possible (be careful of the pip though, $$$$$$$$. The replaced panel worked fine once I had replaced the blown bus IC's on the XY scaler boards (caused by the original bad panel blowing a driver chip) so its worth checking these (they are the first things to blow when a driver chip craters itself)


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