Plasma TV parts needed -- ORION

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Hi, all

I am after parts for Orion plasmas. Now, ORION in Australia has nothing to
do with plasmas.
There is a Korean company ORION-PDP that makes those.
I tried to make contact and eventually the placed me to someone in Sydney
who wants $450 for Y-board. I need about 40 of those and they are not
prepared to make a special deal. And I am not prepared to pay $450 for
something that should cost at most $100. (More importtantly, my customers do
not wan tto pay that much).

Anyway, board I am after is Y-sys with part numbers on it: PC42V-PYS40-01,
panel itself is PWS-42##.

TV was brought into the country by company that is no more and spares are
not available.

I guess what I am asking if anyone saw Orion plasma panels in other brands
of TVs. This way I may be able to source it via someone else. I am happy to
import boards from overseas as well, providing I can find a supplier!


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