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Have this mobile radio i will be looking at soon when i get it. It works perfectly, apparently how ever, it constantly draws 6 amps when turned off which is a lot more than it should be drawing just for the RX mode idle state. And no over load protection ever kicks in, in essence, it drains the battery in the car. My guess is, it maybe a leaky reverse diode or cap that just isn't shorting enough to cause protection over loads to take place. We'll see when we get the radio on our bench.

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On Sun, 31 Dec 2006 12:10:51 -0500, Jamie Has Frothed:

Drawing six amps I would expect you to feel some heat or smell something. What kind of mobile radio is this?

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If you had included a Make ,model & if a CB or other I might be able to help you. Here are some suggestions (If unit is hybred tubes & transistor you may have tube filiments on all time) Most comercial units had a black wire for ground, A red wire for radio operation & another smaller wire (usually orange for tube filiments on Motorola) Ignition had to be on to transmit, unit would rec when ever on off sw was in on position snipped-for-privacy@corrwireless.net

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