HELP: Can you sell me a bunch of 3.5mm stereo plugs QUICKLY?

I need the cheap plastic barrelled version of these..ideally upto 20 to tie me over until my regular supplier can get his shipment to me.

Not prepared to pay RADIOSHACK exorbitant prices - and anyway their stores generally only stock very small quantites........and I found nothing I liked on ebay.

So if anyone has a bunch of these in their electronics drawers, I'll happily buy them, paying by paypal, if you can ship sameday by first class post or perhaps priority mail. Please get in touch if you can help me out, and we'll talk. Regards Marius

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Do your shopping at

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They have loads of stock and no minimum order. They will ship next day delivery.

Dave M
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gosh..... I just checked online with MCM and Mouser..... both of these guys have them in stock, ready to ship. electrictym . . .

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