Can you help me to discover manufacturer of 4431 1503

Good Morning, I've a Gericom Webshox laptop, it is of 2001, I changed the battery but it is still not working, the problem seems to be that the 15 volts coming from power supply don't reach the battery, they seems stopped from an 8-pin dual in line IC named 4431 1503 that I don't know who is the manufacturer, I search for it on internet but with no results. To solve the problem I need the following information :

1) Who is the producer of this IC 4431 1503 or equivalent, it have 4431 in the first line, a little delta on the second line and following 1503 2) where I can find the schematic of the motherboard N241S1 ver:0.1 possible for free

Many thanks for your help

Antonio D'Ottavio

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Why not contact Gericom Webshox?
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John Fields

Wrong newsgroup I think.

Maybe there are some related to PC repairs ?


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Pooh Bear

from your description, probably a MOSFET like SI4431DY, originally Silliconix, but now produced by several mfgrs Paul Mathews

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Paul Mathews

On Tue, 17 May 2005 04:26:30 -0500, John Fields put finger to keyboard and composed:

Only once have I ever been granted a circuit diagram for a PC motherboard, and that was 15 years ago by Elitegroup. I'd be very surprised if Gericom knew any more about their own [rebadged?] product than the OP.

- Franc Zabkar

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