camcorder records BLACK

My canon ZR70 MC camcorder was working fine last week.

The next day when I attempted to use it, it will record nothing but BLACK, as if the lense cap was on (but it wasn't).

I can record with it and play it back. It picks up the sound, but the picture is black. Its as if it's not seeing through the lense, if that makes sense.

What could be wrong???


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kovanda: ..... "What could be wrong"..... It should be obvious that any one of several dozen things could be "wrong"..... some quite simple and other more expensive to fix. At the very least you should TAKE it or SEND it to a service shop or factory service center and get a repair cost estimate so you can make an intelligent repair decision with facts instead of Internet or telephone wild guesses.

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Daniel Sofie
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Sure am glad I "wasted time" on the internet. Several commented that Canon will fix it free of charge even if it is out of warranty.

So I called them. Guess what - they will fix it free of charge even if it is out of warranty!!!!

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kovanda: Good for you.... getting a free repair from the factory service center. The time you wasted on the internet was not just yours but the poor guy who took the time to read your initial posting that contained absolutely NO technical troubleshooting or testing results. Where you expecting some "magic" repair response from "Sofie" based on the total lack of technical information in you original post? Hats off to Sofie for taking the time to even respond.... you did waste his time. .... he was correct.... there would be many possible faults but unless you open it up at your end and get in there with some basic test equipment and some basic technical inspection it would be nothing more that wild guesses. electricitym - - - - -

kovanda wrote:

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Try cleaning the video heads, their on the spinning cylinder. Donald

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Dirty video heads cannot cause a camcorder to record black. It would recor snow or a badly distorted picture.

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Jumpster Jiver

The first thing that comes to mind is that there is a break somewhere in the line between the optics ("lens") and the recording apparatus.

- NRen2k5

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