Help: Faulty LCD Monitor (JVC Camcorder GR-D33U)

Our JVC GR-D33U Camcorder is coming up on two years since my wife and I purchased it, and all of a sudden the LCD monitor has begun acting up (see link below for reference photos).

Basically, we get horizontal, white bands on a darkened (black) monitor. Occasionally we'll get a clear picture, but only for about 5 minutes before the white bands return. Other times the monitor will look like a distorted black and white picture wherein no object can clearly be seen, but the shape of what's on the screen will shift (reminds me of a less grainy ultrasound picture).

When the camcorder is initially powered on, sometimes the monitor will read "LENS CAP", indicating that the lens cap needs to be removed, even though it already has been.

It appears light is making its way into the lens, but something isn't registering. The camera _has not_ been dropped, or abused in any way. It just started doing this out of the blue.

We have a 4 month-old and we're missing out some some pretty important memories. Before I go dump another $350.00 on a new digital video camera, I'd like to see if anyone has any suggestions...

Thanks, Ric

Click here for reference images:

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Most of the failures in these are from the electrolytic capacitors. The tech would have to troubleshoot the camera to locate the defective parts. The components in your camera are small surface mount types, and would require the proper tools, and setup to be changed. It is also possible however that there are other types of components that can fail in these cameras.

You can take the camera in for an estimate. Realistically speaking when you consider the improvements in the new cameras, verses the value of the old one, the cost of the servicing, it would be more feasible to get a new one. After servicing, you have to consider that the rest of the components inside also have some age on them, and that there are other parts that can fail. There will be no possibility for anyone to determine the long term reliability of the rest of the camera.

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I suggest you taking a look here:

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My Sony still camera went "berzerk" and I started trying to figure out what could have happened and found that several camera types (still and camcorders) from different manufacturers use a Sony CCD that has a manufacturing problem and is causing a lot of trouble, even a class action law suit.

There are a couple links that explain which cameras and what to do.

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