Camcorder battery

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    My JVC DV camcorder powers on in rec mode but powers off almost
immediately. It will record normally when connected to the AC adapter. I
have discovered that if I place some insulation tape over the middle
terminal of the battery (it has 3 terminals +, - &  T?) it will work
normally. What is this 3rd terminal for?. I have four batteries and the
camera will not work on any of them. I can play tapes normally on battery
and the indicator shows full.

     Thanks for your help.

Re: Camcorder battery

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Usually there is a thermistor in the pack to assist proper charging.  It may
also act to disqualify a pack.

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If the current demand as a camera is significantly more than as a tape player,
this is an expected behaviour of marginal batteries.  You would need to check
whether it functions on a new/healthy battery before you could determine whether
there is a camera or battery fault.

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