Canon ZR200 camcorder repair help (battery connection)


I have a new (< 1 month) Canon ZR200, and the other day, the camcorder stopped working with the battery. The camera works fine with the AC adapter plugged in, but it seems as if the connection to the battery has been severed (something loose from the shipping?) because:

1) there's no power with just the battery, and 2) the red recharge light doesn't go on when I plug in the AC adaptor

I know I could send this in to Canon for repair, but I was hoping to avoid the two weeks plus without it if there's an easy fix. Does anyone have any pointers?

Thanks much, Omar

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Captain Mooboy
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Ask your dealer to try a new battery.

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You are best off to send the unit back for service. When opening these units, if you are not used to it, it is very possible to do some added damage.

Jerry G. ======

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Jerry G.

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