Canon XM1 (GL1) digital camcorder repair


My friend brought me this camcorder with following problem description:

  • First the picture on the LCD screen on the side disappeared
  • the view finder worked, but camera could turn off any moment
  • Then it died completely. No picture, no sound, no lights.

Now, I opened the camera and noticed that one of the wires going to the LCD screen was broken, and someone had repaired it before. But the

on that small pcb to wich power cable from battery compartment connects to. The suspected components were marked as FUxxxx, and were little black smd components, maybe 4x5mm in size. "30" marked on top. Are these fuses? Any other parts that might have gone bad enough to kill the camera completely?


- Jiri K.

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Jiri Kuukasjärvi
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Small update: The components that I suspect are marked FU3201 - FU3203. I did some measuring, and one of them (FU3201) is definately broken.

These small, black components are 3.4mm long, 2.5mm wide and 2.2mm high.

What are they? What values?

- Jiri K. Remove XX from the address if replying directly to me.

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Jiri Kuukasjärvi

could be a fuse



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Could you repair you're camera? I can confirm that is is a fuse. I need those 3 but i do'nt no where t buy them. I even do'nt no where they are located at the camera i' using. It's the MV-20i.

I know you're posting is a long time ago but maybe you can remember.



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