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Our cable system just went 100% digital. Except for announcements regarding the change over on several analog channels there is no more analog programming. I have a 2008 Samsung flat screen set in here for repair that is "no problem found" and I decided to see what would happen if I auto programmed it on cable. Although it picked up and stored many digital channels, they all seemed to have pixel ation and sound problems and appeared as though you were trying to watch a bad DVD. If it wasn't a problem with the set then all these channels were in fact digitally scrambled in some manner. This surprises me because I was under the impression that the cable companies were required to broadcast unscrambled networks, PBS, cable access etc, channels so that any set with a Quam tuner, (and I'm assuming that this set must have one), could receive them. Does anyone have any idea as to what could be going on here? Thanks, Lenny

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klem kedidelhopper
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It's QAM, not Quam.

If there's an image that you can recognize, but it's pixelated, then it's not scrambled. Either the signal is weak or corrupted, or there's something wrong with the set.

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William Sommerwerck

If it was actually encrypted, you would get nothing. If it's choppy and pixelated, then it's a weak signal issue, or it's formatted in a way the TV doesn't quite like.

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