DVI digital signal over VGA cable

Does anyone know of an adapter that will allow me to run a DVI-D signal through a VGA cable (turn a VGA cable into a DVI-D cable)?

Problem is that my computer has a DVI output, and my flat-screen TV in another room has a DVI input (digital only) but the only wire running through the walls is a VGA cable.

When I google it I am only finding results for adapters to go from DVI to VGA.

I did try a standard DVI to VGA adapter on both ends and it didn't work. I think it is only passing the analog part of the signal so there is nothing to "convert back" at the digital end.


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No. Doesn't exist; DVI requires multiple shielded paired conductors, and VGA has three shielded single conductors; the 'adapter' is just a way to use the VGA signals kept (for compatibility) off to one side of some (not all) DVI sources.

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Thanks for your reply. Looking at this site

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it appears that DVI single link only used 12 pins. Cant the 15pin VGA cable be adapted to work for this?

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The short, simple answer is no.

I could give you a much longer, less simple answer, but the final word would still be "no."

Bob M.

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Bob Myers

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