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I am working windows device drivers, now i have to work on usb device
drivers on linux,
i have some doubts on usb architecture in liux, i have gone through
your documents, still i have some doubts, i think u can solve my

i have a small knowledge on usb in windows drivers,
1)like windows in linux how the driver and device stack will form? and
what is the role of pnp manager in linux?
2) what is the role of I/O manager in linux, whether the pnp manager
will exist in linux or not?
3)in case windows we use many filter drivers , like that can we have
any filter drivers concept in linux drivers?
4)in case of windows usb drivers enumaration starts by sending irps to
the hub drivers and pnp manager, the same things will happen in linux
5) what is difference in enumaration in linux and windows?
can u give a very good sites or groups which can help me out for
writing drivers for usb.
thanks and regards

Re: usb on linux
Hi, check out the 'linux device drivers' book which is online available: /
you can find several examples on internet like for example here:

I cannot answer your questions below because fortunately never had to write
windows drivers except for some old ISA stuff.
best wishes
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