Porting the device drivers ARM->x86 ; Vxworks->Linux

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Porting the device drivers.

We are using SCC2691 UART for extra serial port on our custom x86
board. We already have Vxworks drivers aviable for this device. We
have moved to Embedded Linux recently.

Luckily can't find any SCC2691 driver for x86 any were on the net (Any
I found some support for this device for ARM based custom hardware
from coral.

I have the scc2691.c file from ARM driver now, and from the patch
where i got the driver i can see what changes i need to make to
tty_o.c , Makefile,Config.in.

Now I am going to add scc2691.c in my /drivers/char/ kernel tree and
modifying the Makefile, tty_o.c and Config.in files. We don't have any
moulder support for the kernel so i am compiling the drives with no
module support in kernel.

First if the kernel compiles withouts any errors ľ What possibilities
are there for ARM driver to work on X86 ???

Does my method to adding the driver in kernel source need any thing
else ???

Any kind of guidance is appreciated.



Re: Porting the device drivers ARM->x86 ; Vxworks->Linux
snipped-for-privacy@iee.org (Rushi) wrote :

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you can ask those guys http://www.tern.com/586e_data.htm
but after quick look it looks like its memory mapped uard, just make
sure the ports match and it schould be fine.

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