Running linux on MPC860

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Hi all,

I am trying to bring up a mpc860 based board. There are some
progresses that that i have made and some remaining. Could anybody
help me out on the rest.
What I am able to do with the board.
1. I am able to communicate to the board using MPCBDM. Able to read
write registers. Dump memory etc.
2. I have setup a cross tool chain for MPC860 and able to compile the
linux kernel using it to build. zImage.embedded and
3. I am able to download these images on the board.

This is where i am stuck.

I am not able to boot the kernel. I am manually coded the bd_info
structure in embed_config.c with my board details. Like ram base
address/size cpu/bus frequency.

I am not very sure how to point the kernel to the root file system. I
mean if i have the root file system and the kernel image how do i
start the system.

Any pointers as how to go ahead from here will be of great help.

Thanks in advance

Re: Running linux on MPC860
Hi Pritam.

I'm using a 2.4.19 kernel with both MPC855 and 860. (Pritam) wrote in message

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What happens when you try?  Hangs versus panics?  If you have a
serial console, what shows up?  If not, you'll probably need to
see what it died using the BDM interface -- something I've done
little of (I had a known-to-be-working board (TQ) and debugged
using the serial console).

What kernel are you using?  Are you using PPCBoot to start your
kernel?  Are you using it on a common platform such as the TQ
or Embedded Planet boards?


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