C/C++ library on AT91RM-EK

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I am doing a project in which I am using AT91RM-EK board. I am using

2.6.20 kernel with latest patches. Eventually I have to run C++ application on the board. I am currently using GNU C library. The problem is C++ library is way to big, around 20 MB. How can i reduce its size? Or is there any other library available that can support massive C++ application?

I have another problem also. I boot linux from a ram disk. Later after kernel boots, I mount my SD card as the root file system. How can I reclaim the memory used by the ramfs? I am sorry I am doing this all for first time. Any advice or an internet link would be of use.

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You can expand the flash by using a USB memory stick You can also build a small board which expands the flash using the dataflashcard/SD/MMC-Card connector. You can also try to find the U-Boot patches that were floating around containing SD-Card fixes.

The SAM9260 (which is very similar to AT91RM9200) EK has a large amount of NAND flash onboard.

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Isn't there any other library with smaller footprint but can support all features of C++?

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