programmatic CPU reset

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I'm using a freescale 5200 embedded board and the DENX ELDK.  With my
current board configuration the halt/reboot commands will not reset the
board but instead the shutdown runs and the machine hangs until I hit a
hardware reset button.  I'm using UBOOT to load a multi-image containing a
kernel and ramdisk image so there is no need for a graceful reset.

I'm wondering if there is a hardware port or memory address that I can
access or write to which will momentarily drive the CPU reset lead low.

the board is an EP5200 from their board
documentation suxs.

The board can be configured to boot thru either a high vector or a low
vector.  the high vector is connected to the DBUG program and the low
vector is routed to UBOOT.

Alternately to finding a software latch to the reset pin is there a way I
can have a root userland process jump thru the low reset vector?  Assuming
I can, could this cause problems?

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