Problem with busybox' read-command

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Hi All,

i have a problem with the read-command in busybox (1.0 pre7). Normally  my
embedded system will run directly into a kiosk-mode X-Session, but I want
to have an option for interrupting the startup-sequence for maintenance.
For this i want to use the read-command, par example in this way:

echo "1: action 1"
echo "2: action 2"
read -t 25 YOURCHOICE
if [ "$YOURCHOICE" = "1" ]; then
     echo "starting action 1"
elif [ "$YOURCHOICE" = "2" ]; then
     echo "starting action 2"
     echo "timeout reached"

If the timeout is reached, the standard startup sequence will go on, if
someone pressed any key, another script should be started. This script is
working fine in bash 2.0x at my workstation.

But it seems, that read has no switch "-t" for timeout in busybox, so it
will be ignored and the systems is blocked in the line with the
read-command. Some kind of "infinite waiting".

Is there any other possibility to have a non-blocking sequence like above?

thanks, Jens
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