PPC crosscompiler building using cygwin

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has anyone managed to build a cross compiler for the powerpc (405) running
under cygwin environment and using glibc.
I tried several combinations, but I can't get it working.
Building binutils and the gcc-core are going fine, but building glibc give
me problems every time.
I manage to build one using newlib, but executables build with compiler will
run on the target (segmentation fault, problems with the elf header)
I tried this by hand or using scripts as crosstool by Dan Kegel.

I want to build a cross compiler for the IBM walnut powerpc board, running
kernel 2.4.2
and as far as I know glibc 2.2.3

Also any info regarding the differant targets is welcome, what are the
differances between
powerpc-*-linx, powerpc-elf, powerpc-eabi and others.

Every info is welcome.

Please reply to newsgroup, no email.

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Re: PPC crosscompiler building using cygwin
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newlib is for systems without linux.  You really want glibc.

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When you build with crosstool, what errors do you see?
A couple other people are interested in getting crosstool building
on cygwin; you might want to discuss this on the crossgcc mailing list.
- Dan

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