Hard disk on embedded system..

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I present myself:  I come in this forum for the first time, I am a French
developer and I seek information on linux embedded with an aim of installing
it on automats which I hope to provide with hard disk and I think that linux
has already all the elements to make it.

I do not know if it is the subject of the forum but I pause the question
with the case nevertheless or somebody would have already succeeded in
installing hard disks on an embedded system.

Large a thank you with all which will be able to give me tracks...  Thank
you and good day with all.

Re: Hard disk on embedded system..
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Many embedded linux systems use hard disks, just like normal linux systems use
Other storage types, like Compact Flash and Disk-on-Chip are used in cases
where Hard disks are too large, expensive, noisy, draw too much power or too
damaged from the environment.

I don't really understand your question enough to be able to give you a better


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