Porting Xscale Linux 2.6 (Snapgear 3.0) to IXDP425

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Has anyone ported Linux 2.6 to IXDP425 development platform? If so,
which Linux distribution did you use to port linux 2.6 to IXDP425?

1. I am using snapgear 3.0 and Iam trying to compile UClinux to
generate the linux kernel image and the root file system.

2. Is it correct to use .config from linux 2.4 in linux 2.6 and run
make oldconfig when migrationg from linux 2.4 to linux 2.6? If so, can
you provide more information? Are there other methods to compile 2.6
without the help of 2.4?

Thank you and I look forward to hear from you.

Marwan Younis

Re: Porting Xscale Linux 2.6 (Snapgear 3.0) to IXDP425
Hi Marwan,

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Yes, we've run the 2.6 kernel on our own IXP425 platform.

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As far as I know, the best way is to just start from scratch with the 2.6 kernel
options. Trying to use 2.4 configs usually just makes it harder.
I look at the 2.4 config file while i'm configuring the 2.6 options to give me
idea on what i need to enable.


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