Detecting the keyboard

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Hello Friends,
How can an application written for Linux environment detect USB
Keyboard connected to the system?

Mandar Sarpotdar

Re: Detecting the keyboard
Hi Mandar,
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By talking to the usb/kernel drivers, like the hotplug program does.

There are a few different ways to get USB keyboard support working,
make sure you're using the correct way for your particular setup.


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Re: Detecting the keyboard
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I have my own tiny distro called Puppy Linux, and I have only just
got usb keyboard and mouse working (latest version 0.8.5).

I also did not know how to auto-detect the keyboard.
I did this:

modprobe usbkbd
modprobe usbmouse
cat /proc/usb/devices | grep "keyboard", I'm typing this from memory, hope it's right.
If "keyboard" cannot be found, unload those two modules.

For usb mouse, you only need:
modprobe usbmouse

This is only if you have usbkbd and usbmouse turned on and as modules
in the kernel config file.

Barry Kauler

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