Howto run a linux-2.6.x kernel on the uClinux ColdFire emulator???

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I have used the latest ColdFire Emulator (version 0.3.1): /

I have installed the latest available distribution (20060803, contains
linux-2.6.17) an M68K/ColdFire tools (m68k-uclinux-20060615) and followed
the instructions on:

Running a linux-2.4.x kernel isn't a problem. The things I have done for
make config
selected Arnewsh 5206 and the linux-2.4.x and used defaults for the rest
make dep

When I do the the same for a linux-2.6.x kernel I don't get any output on
the serial ports (telnet localhost 5206 and telnet localhost 5207).

Does anyone now how to get it work?
Does it work with another board which is supported by the ColdFire emulator?

I have checked the start address which is 0x10000 with m68k-elf-objdump"



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