Booting Linux on a Wyse 2315se

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There was a message a month or so ago about running Linux on a Wyse
3215se. I have 3 2315se which look almost the same.
I have now managed to boot Linux on these machines using alios (with
small modifications). I am using a 2MB linear flash card.
So now the winterm boots into Linux over a serial port. Now I'm trying
to get the ethernet to work, but I'm not having any luck. It seems
that I can't see any devices on the ISA bus.
I'm assuming that something needs to be configured in the ELAN
registers to enable the ISA bus, but I don't know what. Does anyone
have any ideas, or will I be forced to try and work it out from the
Wyse ROM dissasembly?


Re: Booting Linux on a Wyse 2315se

I may be the original poster of the article you mentioned.

The reason you cannot see the peripherals on the ISA bus is that as you say,
they are not mapped. However, the ELan uses configurable chip select pins
that can appear in memory or IO address space, so not only does the ISA bus
have to be enabled but the CS pins also need setting up.

I began disassembling the Boot rom which sets up the
GPIO memory windows and chip selects. An overview of my finding is at the
link below

To make further progress I have to continue disassembling the boot rom, but
the enthusiasm to continue is difficult!

The 3315 contains a CL5400 LB vga chip but does not have much power to do
anything really useful, so I was interested to find out about the OpenAP
project below /

Since the hardware is very similar - in fact the 3315 contains extra bells
and whistles,
I wondered about converting the 3315 into a Wireless AP. However,
to do this I need to at least find out what CS pins the 2MB flash program
memory is
connected to. The Boot rom already kindly sets up the peripherals and does
system tests for us, so I wanted to keep the boot rom as is, which would
allow us
to go back to windows CE if we should so wish. This would mean placing the
Kernel in the 2MB flash, and where the Boot rom expects the winCE kernel to
do some twiddeling to to get it to load, since the CE kernel expects to be
protected mode I believe, whereas the Linux kernel does not, something to do
head.s, setup.s or loader.s, cant remember

However, I appreciate this may be too difficult, so teh second option is to
place the Alios loader in the boot rom, along with the VGA bios if we still
need VGA. This means reprogramming the boot rom, which I assume is connected
to the ROMCS0 chip select line, and placing the Kernel in the 2mb flash
along with the rootfs either in the flash if there is enough space, or
in the NAND flash if not, but all this requires more discovery work.

There is still work to do disassembling the Boot rom to find out what GPIO
the NAND flash, CS4231 and Program Flash are connected to. Might I ask what
link you shorted to get the ROMCS0 redirection for PCMCIA memory boot?

Contact me off line where I can tell you more about the Dissassembled boot

Thanks, Vincent

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