vxworks standard I/O driver to be porting over RTEMS


I wrote a simple discrete I/O driver in vxworks OS. This driver has no interrupt, no semaphores or DMA (very simple driver). I need to port this driver into the RTEMS 4.10 platform and I have run into registration issue. My driver over vxworks support create/open/close/write/read/ioctl standard API. The vxworks use the following to map my function to the I/O system call:

iosDrvInstall( (FUNCPTR)NULL, (FUNCPTR)NULL, (FUNCPTR)s441Open, (FUNCPTR)s441Close, (FUNCPTR)s441Read, (FUNCPTR)s441Write, (FUNCPTR)s441ioctl ); How should I register my driver under RTEMS system? Any template/example would be very very useful.

Thanks in advance, Hagai

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