Code porting from VxWorks to Rtems

Hi, I have a code in c for a chip(driver), which is calling functions of the vxworks RTOS. Functions such related to semaphores and queues. I need to port the drivers for RTEMS RTOS. Can someone please help me with how to go around with this.

Regards, Amit

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  1. Read RTEMS documentation, especially: a. RTEMS POSIX API User's Guide b. RTEMS C User's Guide c. RTEMS BSP and Device Driver Development Guide 2. Determine RTEMS equivalents to VxWorks functions 3. Modify code

Since RTEMS comes with source code for a number of device drivers, you might find one close to what you need. In any case, the source code provides a number of examples.


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There's a company in Huntsville called MapUSoft

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that sells a product called OSChanger that can map one RTOS to another. The have combinations for lots of diffferent systems. Take a look - they may have what you want.

If the vxWorks code you have uses Posix calls for the semaphores and messaging vs native vxWork calls, it might be a very simple translation.

Good luck, lc

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