[Commercial]: Linux Device Drivers:Where the Kernel Meets the Hardware

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Hello All,

For a non-programmer, these issues are mysteries: the system that
never makes mistakes is full of problems, and who knows why? System
Programmers, on the other hand, are familiar with the limits of the
system--what happens inside the computer when it takes several minutes
to open large files, why a particular security hole is a problem, and
why it's so difficult to get large-scale software projects right.

In sum,Kernel Programming is the key to the digital city of device
drivers: If you know the language for drivers you can get a device to
do almost anything you want. Learn how to write device drivers with
the help of industry experts through Concepts Systems.

We are pleased to announce a new batch of "Linux Device Drivers" for
working professionals and engineers and freshers are also welcome.

Course Highlights:

Linux Kernel Programming

-Intel x86 Fundamentals
-Linux Kernel source tree
-Character, Block device drivers
-Memory Management
-System Call hooking
-Kernel Threading and synchronization
-Virtual File System driver

Detail syllabus is available at http://www.conceptssys.com/SyllabusPdf/LDD.pdf

Starting Date : July 20th, 2008.
Duration      : 1.5 months for each module.
Days & Timings: Saturday and Sunday, 3 Hours Per day.

Concepts Systems,
602-603, The Pentagon, Shahu College Road,
Next to Pune-Satara Road,
Near Panchami Hotel, Parvati. Pune - 411009.

Registration: We encourage you to register at the earliest since there
are limited seats.

If you have any queries feel free to call us on 020-24216888 /
9960638738 Or mail us at snipped-for-privacy@conceptssys.com

About Us:
Concepts Systems is a Pune based Software Training Company having
expertise in Core Systems. Many leading software companies like EMC,
HP, Nvidia, Oracle India, KPIT Cummins are already part of Concepts
Software Training Division clientele. Systems Technology Experts
having Industry exposure form the backbone of Concepts Training

Thanks & Regards,
Concepts Systems

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