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Hello and thanks for reading this.

I am very new to MontaVista development and am in need of some
resources as well as some advice.

I am developing a Graphical User Interface for our client and I have
no idea where I need to start.

Our Development Kit came with DevRocket and Code Composer, but
DevRocket is a Linux-only install and I can't find any information
regarding how to develop Forms and User Interfaces using either.  I
also have installed Eclipse, have access to "org.eclipse.ui.forms",
but I have no idea how I can set up Eclipse properly for compiling
into MontaVista.

Which IDE would you recommend?
Can you point me in the right direction as to where to get the
appropriate information with the tool you chose?

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.  I've been trying to hunt
this down all week and I'm eager to start.

Thank you so much!


Re: New to MontaVista Development - Help
Don't your client have acces to Montavista Zone? I think you'll find the
answers you seek in the forum or someone able to supply you with the needed
knowledge to get started! Maybe some of the available webinars may help you.

Best Regards



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Re: New to MontaVista Development - Help
Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure if the client purchased this directly or if we purchased
it for use in the project, so I need to research how this will be

I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!  Thank you.

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