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I have been task to design a PC test station environment to support development of our embedded project. The idea is that a test station would provide a set of features that would help in the testing of pre and post black box development. Some of the ideas that come to mind is be able to send some basic commands like

Read ( arguments might be start address and number of words ) Write ( argument might be start address, number of words and the data ) Download ( this would be a series of write commands that would download OpCode)

In addition, it would be nice to have a simple scripting environment so some of the commands could be automated. I am wondering what other features would be beneficial during the development/test integration phase? Does anyone have some suggestions? Thanks


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On the assumption that you have a means of communicating with the hardware in your product, I know of several establishments that use Forth as the hardware bring-up and debugging tool even if they do not use Forth for the application. However, Forth is suitable for many embedded projects and, if developed in a rigourous development process, can be given a certificate of conformity to its specifications. There are some links on my Forth page that will get you started.

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