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I have a question regarding applications running on embedded Linux on an ML310. Getting things to work under standalone has been fairly easy with my custom hardware (just a little pulse counter generating interrupts on each pulse, in Verilog). I want to make a jump to running this same application (that really just handles the interrupts and reads the register that holds the counter value) to MontaVista Linux on one of the PPCs in the V2Pro. The thing is that the BSP is pretty different for Linux as the OS than standalone, so all the header files are in different places or not even there.

I've been instructed to cross-compile the application on the host machine (which I know I can do), but do I have to know how to handle interrupts under Linux (like, by reading O'Reilly's Linux Device Drivers) to be able to run this application properly? For example, xexception_l.h wasn't copied to my project directory, which I needed for standalone, but I don't know what to replace it with for interrupt handling under Linux. It seems like doing things for embedded Linux is a completely different monster. And I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the inner workings of Linux. Thanks a ton!


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