machine won't reboot

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I've got an x86 machine that I can't get to reboot in any way, shape or
form when it doesn't have a keyboard attached to it.  Any suggestions
for how to accomplish this?

I've been poking through the kernel sources, and have tried the various
reboot= options, but none of them seems to have any effect.  The machine
just stops and doesn't turn over.  Oddly enough, when a keyboard is
attached, things seem to go ok (must be due to the mach_reboot call
using the... *keyboard* of all things?!).


Re: machine won't reboot
Is this a PC ? Does it hang before the linux loader is started ?

Here you often have a BIOS option for this. Some PCs can't start without
the keyboard at all.

This is why some keyboard/monitor switches have a simulated keyboard for
each PC.


Re: machine won't reboot
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No, it doesn't reboot at all.  It doesn't get to the BIOS or anything
like that.  It gets to the mach_reboot code in the kernel and just stops.

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That I would have understood, I've seen that before.  This just seems to
hang/halt the computer without rebooting it.


Re: machine won't reboot
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Some old AT based machines do that. They didn't fully support the ATX
reboot/shutdown methods so they would just hang on restarts.

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