How to get eth1 up after a reboot?

I have added eth1 via a USB adapter and am using Raspian-jessie.

I get eth0 up via DHCP or via static IP address configured in /etc/dhcpcd.conf.

I do not however get eth1 up without manual intervention after a reboot (with command "ifconfig eth1 ... up").

My assumption is that eth1 should be configured in /etc/dhcpd.conf as well and asks kindly for advises on how to accomplish this.

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Bengt Törnqvist
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Is eth1 connected to a network with a DHCP server?

In Debian-style distributions the network interfaces are described in the file /etc/network/interfaces. There is a man page for it.

If an interface should come up at start, you need an 'auto' stanza in the interface description.


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Tauno Voipio


(with command "ifconfig eth1 ... up").

ell and asks kindly for advises on how to accomplish this.

No, eth1 is not connected to a DHCP server.

I have learnt that Raspian-jessie behaves differently than Rasbian-wheezy.

By "downgrading" to wheezy I managed to get eth1 up via configuration in / etc/network/interfaces.

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Bengt Törnqvist

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