linux on wafer 4821?

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I've bought a wafer 4821 and want to run linux on it.
at the moment i'm having 2 major problems:

1. accessing the bios:
  the wafer has no vga connector, so i'm a bit lost how
  to enter the bios and change the settings??? (already
  tried using amisetup over a serial line dos - doesn't
  work :-( )

2. changing the parameters for the onboard realtek ethernet:
  (the rset8019 utility also doesn't work using a serial
  line dos :-( )

so far i've managed to boot DOS (from either floppy
or a compact flash card connected as IDE drive). using
ctty CON1: i can now enter dos commands using the serial line.

i also managed to load a linux kernel using loadlin, however
now i'm looking for a distro to fit on a 32MB CF (with sshd).

has anybody experiences with the wafer 4821 and linux and could
help me with this problems?


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