Linux driver for multifunction USB device

Hi, I am writing a driver for a composite device with two interfaces.One interface is a modem interface and the other is a diagnostic interface to be used by diagnostic applications for the modem.My queries are as follows

1.Do i need to write two separate driver modules for the two interfaces or a single driver would do the work ?

2.How does the user applications talk to the modem driver module?

3.Do i need to write a driver module which enumerates the two interfaces??

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advace..

Sonu Abraham

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AFAIK, a single module can register multiple device files in it's init code.


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Michael Schnell

Usually through /dev/ or /proc. The usb driver skeleton uses /dev/.

You don't need to enumerate all interfaces, only the one that you choose to.

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Harold Chu

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