USB ISP1161 device driver patch

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I send this simple patch for the file hcd_1161.c version 1.11, the driver
for the Philips ISP1161 USB device.

This patch fix a problem that may happen when removing the device.
The original code call the free_irq before the hc_release_1161.
If an interrupt occurs after having freed the memory, the interrupt handler
will receive an invalid ohci structure, causing a kernel crash.
Considering that interrupts are generated every millisecond, the problem may
happen frequently (as in may experience).

Gabriele B.

--- hcd_1161.c.orig     2004-02-04 19:10:36.000000000 +0100
+++ hcd_1161.c  2005-10-31 17:29:13.000000000 +0100
@@ -4068,8 +4068,14 @@
        ohci_t  *ohci = ohci_pci_dev.driver_data;
        int             irq = ohci->irq;
-       hc_release_1161(ohci);                                  /* release the
1161 hc */
+       /* ATTENTION!!!
+           The call to free_irq MUST BE done before calling the hc_release_1161.
+               Previous versions of this code call it after the release
+               causing frequently and dangerous exceptions, that occurs if and
+               is handled after having released the memory (with ohci pointer
+     */
        free_irq(irq,ohci);                                             /* Free
interrupt line */
+       hc_release_1161(ohci);                                  /* release the
1161 hc */
        release_region(HC_IO_BASE, HC_IO_SIZE); /* release IO space */
        ohci_1161_mem_cleanup ();                               /* Clean up
global memory */

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