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where could i get and download openobex library so that i have in my /usr/local/lib of my zaurus PDA SL 5500.

It would be highly appreciated if someone could give me some link
for that library file.

I would like to know if there is a .ipk file for the libopenobex ?

kindly give info,
karthik bala guru

Hi all,
The problem was solved. Thanx for your info friends.
I got the libopenobex.tar and libopenobex.ipk files. But i used .tar file.
I got the libopenobex.tar untarred. I did not go in for
the .ipk file as my problem got solved once i untarred it
in the right location. I will try out .ipk file when i get enough
time .

I am able to develop my BT using zaurus now.

Thanx & Regards,
karthik bala guru

L I N L A D E N (karthik bala guru) wrote in message
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