ixp465 + linux 2.6 network performance

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I have compiled a 2.6.12 kernel big endian (with arm patches, but
without accesslibrary) for an ixp465 processor.

I wrote a tcp-client in order to perform a network performance test
(using intel pro100+ pci network card, driver was compiled as part of
the kernel). I got 30% network utilization (that is 30Mbits/sec).

The same client compiled for intelx86 (little endian 2.6 kernel -
fedora core 4) executed on a pentium 4 and succeed in sending

I tried disabling nagle, and changed the buffers size so they fit my
sendings but nothing helped.

I know that the CPU is meant for networking so it should give a better
performance (even though I'm not using the npe network devices)

any suggestions?

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