learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel

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Is there amy good documentation on how to write a device driver for 2.6

Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
See the linux kernel mode programming guide for 2.6:

http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lkmpg/2.6 /


Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
There's also Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition, O'Reilly 2005.

http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxdrive3 /

It may be easier to read than the LDP's guide.


Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
I read both those docs many times, now I would like to write some real
driver/module for Linux, I have Linux PC also, also I have two more
extra NIC cards, can somebody suggest me how can I write something it
works practically (I have Linksys router, can I replace something by
implementing on my linux PC), I need to see my own printk's in
/var/log/messages, also I should get some shelf satisfaction that not
only I know theoritaically, also practically, I can tell somebdoy that
I did some some practically in Linux, so that I can get some work,

Can some expert suggest me how can I do something practically or for
the current NIC driver  (or bridge files) can I make some changes, or
can I add extra proc commands so that I can look those commands working
or not, please suggest me, Million/Billion thanks for you guys. Mainly
I like Networking/Routing part. Just give me a hint to write something
in kernel.

Sorry for my poor explanation.

Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
Is there any Linux Guru (Pundit) was there who can answer my above
question. Thanks in advance.

Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
Quoted text here. Click to load it

No guru, but I have also gone down this road in the past.  If you are
specifically wanting to do something interesting under Linux, with a
NIC, at the driver level, check out the following link:


In it, the author walks through the development of a custom NIC driver
step-by-step (from the point of accessing the NIC over the PCI bus).
Its very detailed, and was great when I was getting started.  Note: It
is for the 2.4 kernel, but the vast majority of the code can be
utilized under 2.6 (the driver model hasn't really changed THAT much,
and if you have even written the most basic 2.6 driver, you should be
able to get this running under 2.6).

John O

Re: learning about linux drivers for 2.6 kernel
I read this link, it is very interesting (if I have my own Intel NIC
card, can I do any type of programming with this NIC card), do you have
any links about some real module/kernel module programming, also some
application which interacts with that module. Thannks in advance.


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