How to use montavista SSL tunnel with the help of MatrixSSL libs

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I want to use SSL tunnel for TCP communication between embedded device
( montavista-PowerPC ) & our linux server. I tried montavista Stunnel
package, this need openssl libraries which is appox 3MB in size. We
don't have this much space on dongle. I did RND on this & found
matrixSSL libraries, that is only 70 KB. now i want to use montavista
Stunnel program with the help of matrixSSL libs. so i cross compiled
matrixssl  but i could't able to link matrixssl libs with Montavista
Stunnel program.
It's giving error..

second way is library optimization but this will not helpfull to me
becaz i need SSL package size less than 500KB.

Plz help me


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