creative ways to partition flash?

Hey again. I'd like to enquire how some of the people on this list partition their onboard flash. Currently, I'm using the oldskool RAMDISK method but now find that this has severe limitations (takes uptoo much memory... non-persistant)

Ideally, I'd like to have a non-persistant filesystem and a small persistant mount for storing a configuration file. Ive been recommended to try a CRAMFS

  • JFFS2 combination.

Im assuming I'd mount the JFFS2 to /mnt/configs or something and CRAMFS to /

I have 32MB flash, 64 MB RAM and I'm using kernel 2.4.27-vrs1-pxa1. My rfs is about 13MB uncompressed and my memory requirements are quite low.

One thing that concerns me about CRAMFS is that it might be slow. is this correct? how much slower than a ramdisk?


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