Hardware setups in Karim Yaghmour's book

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I bought Karim Yaghmour's "Building Embedded Linux Systems" and wanted
to get an introduction to embedded Linux.

I think it is a pleasant read from a newcomers standpoint, but there
is one thing that I do not understand and find confusing.

I don't really understand how the hardware is supposed to work on the
different platforms, how code is downloaded to the the target in a
host/target setup, is it through JTAG, etc.?

My view is the following, there are so many possible setups that it
would take to much space to cover it all, but then I think there could
be maybe one possible setup that could have been covered in detail.

Is there some other book that covers a hardware configuration and
explain the connections in detail? Some good website, maybe?


Re: Hardware setups in Karim Yaghmour's book
Hi Morgan,
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JTAG, BDM, Ethernet, Serial, programmed directly to flash - many ways.

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Yes, you are right.  There are many different possible setups for
getting code onto a target.

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When you reach this stage, it's usually specific to the actual target
board, so you need to look through the doco for your particular


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