New Beginnier in Embedded linux

Dear everyone...

I am a beginner in Embedded Linux. Can anyone tell me how I should start to learn the embedded linux programming... I have no idea about this. Please help me & give me some information for references...!!!

Thanks for your help!


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Hello Wyman,

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Do you have to solve a real problem or just want to play? :-) Have a look at diet-libc, uclib Have a nice google-session with embedded linux :-) Which programming language are you going to use? C/C++, Java...?

Regards, Kurt

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Kurt Harders
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Kurt Harders

As a starting point,

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. In particular, look at the section "Embedded Linux Quick Reference Guides" on the main page. There is reading material for days on a row. :-)

Also, I strongly recommend Karim Yaghmour's book, Building Embedded Linux Systems, O'Reilly.



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Elder Costa


I also strongly recommend "Building Embedded Linux Systems."

Another great resource is "Linux from Scratch." See

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You can download a PDF from there and/or order the book.

Between the two books and all of the howtos on the Internet you too can go from newbie to expert in a month (like me).

Happy Holly-Daze,

Kirby W. Cartwright

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Kirby W. Cartwright

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