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Can you all suggest me some embedded linux(2.6) platforms like Arm, POWERPC and a suitable emulator to learn the idea of embedded linux.


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All you'll need to know is "Google ATNGW100", then go to digikey and buy one for less than $100.00. You'll get a good taste of embedded linux and end up with a very useful computer in the process. Tons of support and project ideas on the internet...

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Jerry McBride

Good evening, nagu.

Write me at:

for_nagu AT internetsmallfry DOT com

(that's "Internet Small Fry" all run together.)

That's a special purpose email address I have set up just for you. After I hear from you I'll delete it, since by then it'll be on about a million spam lists even though I have obfuscated it above. :-(

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Try Skyeye, a open source ARM board emulator.

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Thanks, Marco Wang

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Marco Wang

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