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We are currently developing an embedded linux application and so far we
have been  doing remote debugging with gdbserver, gdb and ddd as the
human useable inteface on the linux box. So far so good, but remote
debugging is not that rock solid and we got the idea of plugging a VGA
card on the embedded linux machine and do it all directly.

Well, now debugging runs into another problem. Since the embedded
system is not that big, there is no KDE or the like and thus the ddd
cannot run. GDB directly is kind of tough, so the question is if there
exist some equivalet of ddd that will run on an embedded system with no
X windows. Any other ideas?



Re: Debugging embedded linux

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Have you tried the 'gdb -tui' option? It makes things at least a
little bit easier because you have a split screen with your source
code above. And I've heard from someone in the newsgroups that it's
possible to connect emacs to gdb. But sorry, i can't tell you details
about that since i haven't tried it yet.


Re: Debugging embedded linux
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What seems to be the problem?

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You could try running DDD on the target but using a remote machine
as display. Usually you do this with:

  # export DISPLAY=<your_development_machine>:0.0
  # ddd

Actually this works not only with ddd but with just about any X
client program. In most cases, you will first have to enable
remote connections to your host machine's X server with "xhost +".

Note that this still requires the X shared libraries to reside
on the target, but not the X server and also not the full desktop
(KDE, etc.). Also, obviously, you don't need a graphics card in your
target this way.



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