Remote target debugging using KDevelop

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I am developing firmware for a Moxa UC7420 Universal Communicator - an
embedded XScale processor running Montavista Linux
(2.4.18_mvl30-ixdp425). Using the KDevelop IDE (V3.1.0) under SuSE
9.2, I have successfully compiled and executed programs on the target

What would be very useful would be to use the remote debugging support
in KDevelop, linking to the target over TCP/IP. The Moxa Web site
gives instructions on doing this with DDD and this works with my
setup. However, it would be preferable to use GDB within KDevelop.

Remote debugging is not well documented in KDevelop and about the only
information I can find is in the floating help windows on the dialogue
box for configuring debugging. This appears to be based on a post to
this group by  Roger Larsson in December 2003. However, my experience
of KDevelop and Linux is insufficient to convert Roger's hints into a
working solution.

Any advice and pointers on how to do this would be much appreciated.

The relevant section from Roger's post is as follows:

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Chris Isbell
Southampton, UK

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