multiprocess debug on an embedded device

hi everybody i want to debug a simple multiprocess program who dos

father son | +---------------+(exec a another exec file) | | | | | | | | loop 60sc temp ^ v | |_| execute file with '&' arg (to do a ps after)

2-> run gdbserver with father pid 3-> run gdbserver with son pid 1,2,3 are connected to the embedded system via a telnet command from the host

4-> gdb with father and i do a (gdb) target remote IP_OF_CIBLE:1234 pid_father

5-> gdb with son and i do a (gdb) target remote IP_OF_CIBLE:1234 pid_son

to debug execute each command in this order:

1,2,4,3,5 and somtimes it's work fine ,but sometimes the second sequence (3,5),gdb refuse to connect.... what is the problem? is there another solution????

ps if you don't understand what i explain but understand the problem send me a mail at (or .fr i forgot)

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