Suplus Electronics Outlet In Southern New Hampshire Wanted

Quite a few years ago I seem to remember a surplus place some where in Nashua or surrounding area. If any one is local and has any ideas please respond. I am looking for a well built used 24v dc filtered pws. About 10 to 15 amps would do nicely... Thanks all..

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There is (or at least until recently was) a great surplus store in Manchester, NH, in an old brick building on the right side just after you cross the bridge. I believe goes under the name of 'Electronics Planet' or 'Electronics Super Store.' I've made some unbelievable buys there. It's largely industrial surplus, so you would have a good chance of finding your power supply there.

While I can't recall any electronics surplus outlets in Nashua, there is/was a dealer in Hudson, NH just across the river. I don't recall their name, but the are in the same building complex as the Sears warehouse/pickup location. IIRC, to get there you cross the Tyngsboro bridge and turn left at the end of the bridge. Eventually you'll pass a strip club called the 'Blue Moon' on your left, but please keep going and not be distracted. The surplus place is roughly a mile or two farther, and on the right. Look for the 'Sears' sign.

Harry C.

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Harry Conover

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