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I set up a business bank account for my electronics business about 6 months ago so far I have been delayed in 'doing' anything electronic and seeing as I am paying =A329 per month for the bank account, I have become overdrawn, not having paid in a cheque from a customer due to not going out selling and educating people about new technology

I plan to sell electronic kits in my local community, which is 90%+ Muslim, and anyone who gets the bug will become a prospective employee the first job available is a Solderer working up to 15 hours per week

I studied for a Honours Degree in Electronic and Information Engineering from 1987 to 1991, only passing 2 years I was the best Computer Programmer on the course and strong at Digital Electronics and Logic Gates

Today, I bought a USB Experimenter Board, and I have tested it and have a few ideas for USB devices for the future it is an exciting time and reminds me of catching the bug when I was aged about 7 or 8 and was given a battery, crocodile clips and a bulb by a boyfriend of one of my sisters I have just turned 40 and been self-employed since age 23, at which age I worked on a kibbutz in Galilee, Israel

if you have heard of Feng Shui, then we could be selling my first product, that I will go about developing tomorrow, to everyone in China as a branded product and also to any householder who gets into Feng Shui I suppose I should have applied for a patent before I gave you that snippet of news but I will be looking for help from you, whether you are a beginner, expert or a good salesman

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I think that you did poor shopping for a bank and specifically a bank account. There are many "no fee" accounts, some even do not require a minimum beyond a $10 opening amount which is a credit to the account. Now all banks charge for check printing which must be accounted for in the opening amount so that there is always a positive balance; charges and fees exist for bounced checks and attempts to withdraw more than balance in account. Never write a check (and that includes check printing charges) for more than you have in the account; assume all checks are cashed the instant you write them and your problems will be near zero. Assume all deposits (other than cash) do *not* clear until a bank statement states otherwise; assume cash deposite are not good for a few business days (find out frombank how many days).

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