XPS FIFO PLB device problems... (verilog)

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Hi all,
I'm trying to develop a core that is connected to the PLB bus and uses
FIFO to communicate to the PPC.
The FPGA I'm using is a virtex2pro on a XUP board.
When I go through the process to create a new device and I select
"VHDL" stub everything seem to work fine and the self test returns the
expected results.
When instead I use the verilog stub i got this result:

Running FIFO_SelfTest() for LEDs_4Bit...
* User Peripheral Self Test

RST/MIR test...
   - write 0x0000000A to software reset register
   - read 0x10050308 (expected) from module identification register
   - RST/MIR write/read passed

User logic slave module test...
   - write 1 to slave register 0 upper and lower portion
   - read 1, 1 from register 0 upper and lower portion
   - write 2 to slave register 1 upper and lower portion
   - read 2, 2 from register 1 upper and lower portion
   - slave register write/read passed

User logic BRAM test...
   - local BRAM address is 0xCDE00000
   - write pattern to local BRAM and read back
   - write/read BRAM failed on address 0xCDE00000

The XPS I use is 9.1i.

Does anyone else get this message before?
I'm quite sure that I set correctly all the memory addresses in the HW
modules and in the drivers.

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